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Intensive blood pressure lowering treatment may harm people with diabetes

People with diabetes often have high blood pressure and an increased cardiovascular risk. They are therefore often recommended more intensive blood pressure lowering treatment that non-diabetics. However, for patients with systolic blood pressure levels under 140, antihypertensive drugs may increase the risk of dying from cardiovascular causes. This according to a study at Umeå University in Sweden published in the BMJ.

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Stroke patients show higher recovery in MultiStem therapy studied at UH Case Med Center

Of the 65 patients treated with MultiStem®, 23.1 percent achieved a complete or near full recovery from their stroke after one year. Only 8.2 percent of the 61 placebo patients achieved that level of recovery. Patients who received the cell therapy within 36 hours after the onset of stroke did even better, with 29 percent of those 31 patients achieving an excellent outcome. University Hospitals Case Medical Center was one of the clinical sites for the study.

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