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KLM now uses Facebook Messenger for boarding passes, flight info, and customer service

Facebook and KLM airlines have formally announced a partnership that will allow KLM customers to receive flight confirmations, boarding cards, reminders, flight status updates, and ask questions directly through the Facebook Messenger app. At its F8 developer conference last year, the social networking giant first unveiled plans to expand Messenger beyond a simple messaging app […]

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Lyft engineering VP Peter Morelli to speak at Mobile Summit about building bigger, faster on mobile

VB EVENT: Since Peter Morelli joined ride-hailing company Lyft a year ago to lead its engineering efforts, the company has faced continued tough competition from Uber, the bigger player in the space. Lyft has raised more than $2 billion from investors like General Motors and Rakuten, and while Uber has raised much more and has many more drivers, Lyft has managed to keep parity […]

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Square’s new platform lets sellers build customized apps on top of its payment service

Square has started to think beyond what it can do in the commerce space. During the company’s Q4 2015 earnings call, CEO Jack Dorsey acknowledged that his company wouldn’t be able to build everything, “so we opened up a bunch of APIs, and in that marketplace, for third-parties to actually build functionality and services that […]

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Acts of terror are unlikely to stop business travellers hitting the road

LAST week this writer was presented with a dilemma. While preparing to travel to an event within walking distance of the recent suicide bombing in Istanbul, news broke of the attacks taking place in Brussels. Alongside the feeling of revulsion, a question briefly arose: should I travel to the site of one recent terror attack just as another is taking place?

Brussels caught the West’s collective attention, but in many ways it is Turkey that gives more cause for alarm. The attack in Istanbul on March 19th was the fourth such incident this year. The grim truth is that it may well not be the last. As the BBC apocalyptically opined: “Turkey finds itself in the midst of a hideous vortex of overlapping security crises, struggling to tackle one without exacerbating another. With each bombing, the precariousness of Turkey’s situation seems even more acute.”

Any doubt was momentary, however. Flights, meetings and hotels had all been booked. Despite the background threat there was no compelling reason not to travel. In the end it was no dilemma at all.

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