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(Eye) Trouble in Paradise

Conjunctivitis, that infamous, sticky-itchy-oozy infection of the eye, can strike anywhere and anyone. For the most part, however, pink eye sticks to its preferred domain, afflicting youthful targets in schoolyard haunts where the infection spreads from dirty little hand to once-clean little eye with the tenacity and enthusiasm of wildfire. Though wholly reliant on direct inoculation to the eyeball, it is easily transmitted, whether by the sticky digits of children unfamiliar with good hygiene o

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Should Humans Trust Robots?

Trust between humans and robots can be tricky business. Early surveys have suggested people still hesitate to trust their lives with robotic vehicles such as self-driving cars. But a new study examines the opposite problem of how people may trust robots even when the machines make obvious mistakes during emergencies.

The study by the Georgia Tech Research Institute supposedly represents the first research to test human-robot trust in an emergency situation. Human volunteers who participat

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