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“Google Shopping está comenzando en España, pero en el futuro va a ser una herramienta como es ahora Adwords”

Google Shopping es una herramienta del gigante de internet que empieza a emerger dentro de nuestro mercado. Por ello, las tiendas online buscan estrategias con las que vender a través de ella. Whoop ayuda a aquellas tiendas con un amplio número de referencias a cumplir con éxito este objetivo. Entrevistamos a Antonio Olmeño, Google Shopping Expert de […]

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Los millennials, a debate en el eCommerce forum by SEUR

Seur organizó en el auditorio 2 del eShow Barcelona el eCommerce forum by SEUR, una cita en la que expertos del sector reflexionaron  acerca de la revolución del comercio electrónico. Dentro de los temas tratados, la mesa redonda en la que intervinieron Marta Panera, International Public Relations and External Communication Director de Showroomprive en España, […]

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Google Gets Serious About Cloud Services

Google, which lags Amazon and Microsoft in cloud infrastructure services, last week released a slew of machine learning and analytics products and services. The Cloud Machine Learning platform provides access through REST APIs to the technologies powering Google Now, Google Photos and voice recognition in Google Search. The tools are designed to let users build predictive analytics models.

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Oculus Rift Offers the Best VR Experience Yet, Reviewers Say

The first reviews of the Oculus Rift surfaced Monday, and reviewers praised the potential of the virtual reality system while pointing out some obvious concerns. The headset display is well-crafted, but drawbacks include the cost and the fact that it requires a powerful gaming system to run it, according to some reviews. “It has the potential to change the world,” Devindra Hardawar wrote.

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Watch me set up the HTC Vive for room-scale virtual reality

Oculus Rift is out today, but maybe you’re waiting for some virtual reality that enables you to get up out of your chair to walk around. For that, you’re gonna need the the HTC Vive and SteamVR. GamesBeat has messed around with the Vive Pre headset (from Taiwanese manufacturer HTC and Steam operator Valve Software) over […]

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A Dramatic 16 Years for 4 Tech Titans

Following Apple’s latest announcements, I noticed a number of reports on how disappointed customers were that there was nothing they wanted to wait in line for hours to buy. I personally thought they should have been excited about that, because I hate to stand in lines. I’ve never really figured out an Apple fanatic’s penchant for pain. Still, it is very clear that today’s Apple is very different.

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Kuvee raises $6 million for smart wine bottles, sells out preorders in 3 hours

Drink up! Or not. Now, you can save as much wine as you want for up to 30 days after opening a bottle — if you drink out of Kuvee‘s new smart wine bottle. The Boston-based winery startup announced today that it served itself a $6 million investment led by General Catalyst and Founder Collective. Kuvee’s […]

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Learn how to use data to boost engagement at Mobile Summit

VB EVENT: Small, medium, and large companies alike are overwhelmed with data, much of it being siloed for use by different teams for varying purposes. That’s why we’ve committed a deep-dive session at next week’s VentureBeat Mobile Summit in Sausalito, California to discussing the ways to gather all your data and implement an actionable strategy to boost […]

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