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Vainglory developer partners with Twitch to expand esports appeal

Super Evil Megacorp has partnered with Amazon’s livestreaming platform Twitch in the latest bid to turn the Vainglory mobile game into an esport. Twitch is joining Super Evil Megacorp in a three-year partnership in North America and Europe to create the official Vainglory Championships and support esports programs. Vainglory is a mobile-based multiplayer online battle […]

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Citymapper now combines public transport with cars for the most efficient route from A to B

Fresh from its $40 million funding round back in January, U.K. startup Citymapper has updated its super-popular mobile transit and navigation app with a new feature that blends public transport with private cars to find the optimum route from A to B. Founded out of London in 2011, Citymapper has gone from strength-to-strength over the […]

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MetLife wins a legal battle to be deemed unimportant

LIFE-INSURANCE companies usually go to inordinate lengths to demonstrate their dullness. That makes MetLife’s chief executive, Steven Kandarian, extraordinary. He did what the head of no other big American financial firm has dared to: challenge head-on the legitimacy of the business-shaping decisions made with increasing frequency by regulators in the wake of the financial crisis. More remarkable still, he won. On March 30th a federal court ordered the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC), a new regulatory committee, to rescind its designation of MetLife as a “strategically important financial institution”—a label that required it to have a bigger, and thus more expensive, cushion of capital.

MetLife is one of only four non-banks to have been declared a SIFI. Prudential Insurance, one of the other three, acceded after grumbling a bit. General Electric said little but has since dispensed with much of its financial operations. AIG, another insurer, seemed gleefully to accept the new status, perhaps because being a SIFI is seen as being synonymous with being too big to fail, and thus implies a government backstop. AIG’s implosion had…Continue reading

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User acquisition costs up 26% in February after January’s drop, Fiksu finds

Getting those people to download your app doesn’t come cheaply. The cost to secure a loyal user for a mobile app was $3.50 in February, according to marketing technology company Fiksu. That is up 26 percent from January, which itself was the first month the price to acquire a new user went down — falling […]

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Dell wants to bring virtual reality to the enterprise

Virtual reality isn’t just about gaming. If it’s going to be a $30 billion business by 2020 (as predicted by tech adviser Digi-Capital), it’s going to have trigger growth in a lot of markets. Dell believes that VR will make an impact in the enterprise workstation business, as companies will have to upgrade their visualization […]

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Braintree follows Square with a tool that integrates payment processing in apps

Braintree has introduced a way for merchants to incorporate the payment processing service directly into their sites, apps, and products. Called Braintree Auth, it manages payments on ecommerce stores and can access transaction data for analysis or accounting purposes. It’s currently available by invite only in the U.S. This release comes less than 24 hours […]

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