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Facebook lanza M, nuestro nuevo asistente virtual basado en inteligencia artificial

Con el afán de reinventarse, y mantener la red social actualizada y a la última, Mark Zuckerberg y su equipo  lanzan M, el asistente virtual de Facebook basado en inteligencia artificial que nos acompañara durante nuestras conversaciones en Messenger. Las funcionalidades de M: Aplicando el Machine Learning a Facebook Facebook primero dio a conocer a […]

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Artificial intelligence startup DigitalGenius raises $4M to make customer service agents superhuman

VB INSIGHT: DigitalGenius is announcing a Human+AI customer service platform today with a $4.1 million seed investment. The platform integrates with existing customer service software suites — like Salesforce, ZenDesk, and Oracle — to automate the most repetitive parts of customer service through AI and machine learning-powered chat bots. The work to augmentative the process, while still keeping the […]

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Shopify acquires Kit, the artificially intelligent marketing bot

We’re standing on the edge of the chatbot revolution, and I’m reminded of how I felt when those first apps hit the store in 2007. Only this time, the apps talk back. And following its announcement at Facebook’s F8 developer conference yesterday — where it became the first commerce platform to announce an integration with […]

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Persado lands $30M to help solve the ‘bad versus terrible’ content marketing conundrum

Content marketing is hard. In addition to understanding your audience, you need to create a tone of voice that suits your business, change that tone depending on how long you’ve known the prospective customer, and create original output with enough emotional impact to make them click, tap, or say “yes.” You see, content marketing (a […]

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Machines are becoming more creative than humans

GUEST: Can machines be creative? Recent successes in AI have shown that machines can now perform at human levels in many tasks that, just a few years ago, were considered to be decades away, like driving cars, understanding spoken language, and recognizing objects. But these are all tasks where we know what needs to be done, […]

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Adobe Marketing Cloud updates focus on predicting your future

Adobe wants to predict the future of your business. At today’s Summit 2016 — Adobe’s annual digital marketing conference in the U.S.— the company announced its latest additions to its Marketing Cloud solution. And without placing tongue firmly in cheek, we saw the most recent additions coming, thanks to the research we’ve been conducting at VB […]

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Robot CEO: Your next boss could run on code

GUEST: A report shown at the 2016 World Economic Forum in January says millions of jobs will be lost to robots in the next few years. When thinking about who is most vulnerable, factory workers, drivers, and pilots come to mind. Surely the jobs requiring a human touch, such as artists, entertainers, and managers, will stick […]

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