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‘Allumette’ proves that virtual reality cinema is no joke

Allumette, a lovely animated feature by Penrose Studios, illustrates why virtual reality film should be taken just as seriously as traditional film. The folks at Sundance and the Tribeca Film Festival have already figured this out — both festivals showcased virtual reality this year. But in such early days, the quality of each VR experience varies wildly from project […]

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Would Tesla want a former nuclear plant as a French factory? Government offers it up

What do you do with a decommissioned nuclear power plant? If you’re the French government, you offer the land it sits on to Tesla Motors as a potential new factory site. Tesla has mulled large-scale European production for some time, and French Energy Minister Segolene Royal believes she can get the company to commit with […]

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How a little-known Australian software firm helped in one of biggest ever document leaks

SYDNEY (By Byron Kaye, Reuters) – Software produced by a little-known Australian developer has helped journalists piece together news leads from the mountains of data found in the contents of the Panama Papers, one of the biggest document leaks in history. Sydney-based Nuix Pty Ltd donated its document analysis program to the International Consortium of […]

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Elon Musk: Tesla Model 3 preorders equalled $7.5 billion worth of sales on day 1

Anticipation for Tesla’s new “affordable” electric car reached fever pitch in the build up to the big unveil yesterday, with 115,000 people having paid $1,000 to get on the list to buy a Model 3 shortly after it was unveiled yesterday. After a full day taking orders, Elon Musk has now revealed that orders totalled […]

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Watch a stop motion video made entirely in Snapchat

MysteryGuitarMan decided to make a stop motion video. Sounds pretty standard. Oh. You want to know the catch? MysteryGuitarMan filmed his crazy clip entirely in Snapchat. The video description explains that creating the video only required three components: “some fruits, Snapchat, and a LOT of free time.” Unfortunately, I only have the first one, and […]

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Our annual reminder that the Internet has destroyed April Fools’ Day is here early

Proving that there is no concept that people with too much money and time on their hands can’t smother to death in a desperate bid for your love and admiration, the annual parade of April Fools’ fake products has arrived a day early to torment us and make us briefly forget how much we detest […]

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Chinese AI team plans to challenge Google’s AlphaGo at board game

BEIJING (By Paul Carsten, Reuters) – A team from China plans to challenge Google’s AlphaGo, the artificial intelligence (AI) program that beat a world-class player in the ancient board game Go, the state-owned Shanghai Securities News reported on Thursday. Scientists from the China Computer Go team will issue a challenge to AlphaGo by the end […]

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Adobe survey: Working for the government is a soul-crushing, empty experience for creatives

They say that life sucks, and then you die. According to a new survey from Adobe, better hope that you don’t get stuck working for the government during that slow, sad arc of your pathetic existence. Adobe reports that 73 percent of “public sector creative professionals” in the U.S. and Canada believe that government is […]

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Internet of random things: Fridges, doorbells, beds, and ovens are your connected future. Right?

ANALYSIS: The year 2016 could go down in history as the year the Internet of Things (IoT) really came to fruition. Yesterday, San Francisco-based June announced a fresh $22.5 million funding round, taking its total money raised to the $30 million mark to help bring its smart oven to market. The June oven isn’t like any […]

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Inside the Tesla Gigafactory, Elon Musk’s secretive battery production facility

Elon Musk likes his secrets. Tesla Motors isn’t known for being particularly open to the media, especially when it comes to major projects like the lithium-ion battery cell “Gigafactory” taking shape just outside Reno, Nevada. Billed as the largest factory of its kind in the world, the Gigafactory has been strictly off limits to the […]

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Read the submitted proposal for Jobs family’s new Silicon Valley estate

FEATURE: Laurene Powell Jobs has proposed building 15,689-square-foot estate on land her husband, Steve Jobs, acquired in 1984. While the original proposal was submitted almost a year ago, the plans are moving toward approval by the Town of Woodside. The proposal for the land, which Steve Jobs originally bought in 1984, would not just include a sumptuous […]

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Steve Jobs and the strange afterlife of the historic Woodside mansion he demolished

FEATURE: Steve Jobs hated the historic Jackling House that he bought in 1984 so much that he spent a tremendous amount of time and energy in his final years trying to have the Woodside mansion torn down. After a decade of controversy and legal fights with local preservation groups, Jobs won, and the 17,250-square-foot building was demolished in February […]

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