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Twitter gears up for new push into China with hiring of regional director

With user growth remaining elusive, it appears Twitter is getting ready to make a run at the world’s largest population of Internet of users. Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey tweeted that the company has hired Kathy Chen to be its Greater China managing director. Its chances of making much headway in China would appear to […]

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Facebook just validated the bot movement for businesses

ANALYSIS: The battle for our attention has once again shifted to a new technological plane within the mobile space. The industry now is starting to turn its attention away from apps and instead focusing on a new interface to drive “conversational commerce,” a concept first named by social designer Chris Messina. It’s centered around “delivering convenience, personalization, and decision […]

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Instagram rolling out new channels to show you videos you might like

Instagram is rolling out a way for you to discover videos on its iOS and Android app. The Facebook-owned company announced that it has added video channels within its Explore section that will surface those videos you might like. This update is only available to those in the U.S. but the company plans to release […]

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Vine now lets you automatically play all videos in a channel

Vine has added a new button to channels that allows you to watch every video back-to-back without having to manually scroll through individual posts. This “watch” button appears next to the follow button on a channel and performs the same functionality as the “Play All” button that YouTube offers. This update is available for both […]

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AppsMediaMobileSocial bloggers can now include share buttons for WhatsApp, Telegram, and Skype

Omnipresent publishing platform has gained a triumvirate of new share buttons today, with bloggers now able to offer readers easy options to share across WhatsApp, Telegram, and Skype. Adding to the existing share-button options, which include the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, this latest move makes a great deal of sense for Automattic, […]

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2 reasons I’m optimistic about Instagram’s algorithm change

GUEST: If you’re one of the 400 million Instagram users out there, it’s likely that over the last few weeks some of the brands, influencers, and friends you follow began urging you to turn on notifications for their accounts so that they won’t disappear from your feed. Instagram’s rumored algorithm change, designed to bump up photos […]

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Everything Facebook announced at F8 2016 so far

This week Facebook is unveiling the future of its developer platforms during its annual “F8” conference in San Francisco. For more on the future of Messenger, Facebook live video, chatbots, artificial intelligence, and Internet-beaming satellites, read on — and check back for more as we update this list today and tomorrow with breaking stories from our reporters on the ground at […]

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Facebook opens its Messenger platform to chatbots

SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook announced today that it was opening up its Messenger platform in beta and now lets chatbots into the app. What this means is that you’re now able to interact with an AI-powered “representative” from a business right on one of the largest conversation service out in the market today. At the F8 […]

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How to livestream Facebook’s 2016 F8 developer conference

Facebook developers, it’s that time of year when the social networking company holds its annual F8 conference. Held in San Francisco from April 12-13, the keynotes for both days will be livestreamed as well as some of the afternoon sessions, so if you’re not able to make it, you can watch what new products and […]

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What to expect from Facebook’s F8 developer conference this week

Facebook’s F8 developer conference takes place this Tuesday and Wednesday from the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. While the company hasn’t publicly disclosed what it’ll be revealing during its two-day event, here are a few educated guesses about what could be announced. Bots on Messenger There has been a lot of buzz in the […]

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Twitter acquires employee feedback tool Peer

Twitter has acquired Peer, an employee and manager feedback tool launched by former Salesforce COO George Hu, the startup quietly announced yesterday. Peer sought to reinvent performance reviews and create an environment where employees could monitor their performance continuously — similar to how Uber drivers keep tabs on their rating from ride to ride. Hu’s original launch announcement, published in 2015, sums up […]

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Facebook showing live videos in trending topics with new video search coming to mobile

Facebook isn’t done making it easier for you to find live videos on the social network, both on desktop and on mobile. The company announced today that it has updated its search capability to help you discover when someone is broadcasting live. Those Facebook Live videos that become popular will be listed under the site’s […]

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900M monthly users strong, Facebook Messenger gets codes, usernames, and links to help you connect with anyone

Facebook Messenger was once a simple private messaging feature within the main Facebook app. But in 2014, Facebook made the unpopular move to chisel Messenger it out from the main experience, meaning friends required two separate apps. Then at its F8 developer conference last year, the social networking giant unveiled plans to expand Messenger beyond […]

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Reddit scraps Alien Blue in favor of in-house built iOS and Android apps

Reddit has released two self-created mobile apps that it hopes provides users with a great foundation to explore the site’s content. The new iOS and Android apps are replacing the Alien Blue app, which Reddit will remove from the App Store, although it’ll still work without support for those that have previously downloaded it. Launching […]

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Pinterest launches Promoted Pins internationally, starting with the U.K.

Visual bookmarking tool Pinterest is ramping up its ad business this week with the news that it’s finally expanding its Promoted Pins product internationally. First announced back in early 2014, Promoted Pins does exactly what its name suggests by letting businesses pay to have their Pins (products) placed front-and-center in people’s feed — it can […]

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Facebook Live now streams to Groups and Events, gets Reactions, filters, and more

Facebook is making some changes to its livestreaming product, adding features that should make your broadcasts more engaging, shareable, and discoverable. Rolling out over the coming weeks are the ability to broadcast live videos to Facebook Groups and Events, addition of Reactions and filters, and a new dedicated destination that highlights livestreams taking place throughout […]

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Medium unveils its grand plan to become a publishing powerhouse

ANALYSIS: Last month, Medium gave the biggest hint yet as to what its future may hold for publisher monetization; today the popular blogging platform officially unveiled the first stage of this plan. Today’s news comes a few months after Medium introduced a new publishing API, WordPress plugin, and a myriad of partners at an event in […]

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Twitter is now a global TV network as it wins NFL rights to stream Thursday night games in full

After months of haggling, we finally have a winner in the fight to broadcast Thursday night NFL games live across the Web: Twitter. A number of companies were reportedly interested in the streaming rights, including Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, and Verizon, but the surprise winner is the shortform blogging platform that has been under a considerable […]

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Facebook adds spoken photo captions for iOS screen readers

Facebook today announced the launch of a feature called automatic alternative text. It’s a big step forward in accessibility, because it will allow people who use screen readers — software that provides spoken descriptions of what’s onscreen — to receive summaries of what’s contained in photos that people post on Facebook. Until this point, only […]

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Reddit change raises alarm about possible U.S. government spying

(Reuters) – Digital privacy advocates and users of Reddit expressed their alarm on Friday over a change in the forum’s transparency report that suggested it may have been asked to give customer data to FBI investigators under a secretive government authority. The annual report lists a variety of requests the site has received for information […]

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We need a new username system

GUEST: What do Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and a gazillion other digital platforms have in common? They all treat usernames like a baby treats a diaper instead of the precious and lucrative resource they are. Because usernames are dished out using an archaic first-come, first-served model, early adopters snag the dictionary-friendly handles. Everyone else gets smacked with alphanumeric nonsense. […]

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Email took an almighty beating this week, but it’s far from dead

ANALYSIS: While 2016 is shaping up to be the year virtual reality and the Internet of Things went mainstream, it could also go down in history as the year email’s much-touted demise cranked into overdrive. At least, if this week’s events are anything to go by. With the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, and a […]

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Facebook is said to have withdrawn its bid to stream big NFL games

Facebook has withdrawn its bid to stream NFL games, according to Bloomberg. Facebook’s vice president of partnerships, Dan Rose, had previously confirmed to Variety that Facebook was in talks with the NFL about streaming “Thursday Night Football” games. It was competing with other bidders including Amazon and Verizon. Sources told Bloomberg that Facebook “balked” at the […]

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Watch a stop motion video made entirely in Snapchat

MysteryGuitarMan decided to make a stop motion video. Sounds pretty standard. Oh. You want to know the catch? MysteryGuitarMan filmed his crazy clip entirely in Snapchat. The video description explains that creating the video only required three components: “some fruits, Snapchat, and a LOT of free time.” Unfortunately, I only have the first one, and […]

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Luminaries to debate distribution trends at Mobile Summit

VB EVENT: At our Mobile Summit event next week, we’ve invited a terrific group of executives to the scenic resort of Cavallo Point in Sausalito. They represent a who’s who of the mobile giants, including Google, Uber, Amazon, Pinterest, Machine Zone, GrubHub, Pandora, Tinder, Yahoo, Adobe, Runtastic, AOL, Zynga, Pocket Gems, LinkedIn, Yelp, and many more. We’re trying something […]

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