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Samsung y Parque Warner se unen para ofrecer la primera montaña rusa de España que incorpora realidad virtual

Como experiencia pionera en España, Samsung y Parque Warner presentan la montaña rusa de Batman dotada con nueva tecnología de realidad virtual que ofrece a los amantes de las emociones fuertes un nuevo concepto de diversión. La atracción Batman: Arkham Asylum combina la inmersión de las gafas de realidad virtual Samsung Gear VR con la […]

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Outlyer Technologies’ Advrtas brings ads to virtual reality

Virtual reality is the next frontier for … advertising. Outlyer Technologies is announcing its Advrtas platform today, which enables the creation of interactive ads in virtual reality. The ad technology enables the development and distribution of fully interactive 360-degree advertising. Since VR is expected to be a huge new gaming, media, and entertainment platform, the […]

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Facebook shows off virtual reality 360-degree camera

Facebook has created a 360-degree camera to capture virtual reality imagery produced by its Oculus Rift VR headset. That solves a problem that is commonly experienced by the few folks who have their own VR headsets today. The company made the announcement at its F8 conference in San Francisco today. Facebook’s Oculus division, which it […]

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Zuckerberg: Future VR and AR gadgets will look like ordinary glasses

Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook, said that virtual reality and augmented reality of the future will be accessible by a powerful gadget that looks like an ordinary pair of glasses. VR and AR are expected to become a $120 billion business by 2020, according to tech adviser Digi-Capital. Zuckerberg made the announcement at its […]

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Hover Junkers is virtual reality’s best multiplayer game

While the rest of the industry is figuring out virtual reality, I’m going to continue enjoying an HTC Vive game that already knows how to use immersion, motion controls, and vulgar hand gestures to bring its action to life. Hover Junkers is a $35 launch game for the Vive virtual reality headset from HTC and […]

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Deluxe VR offers creative services for virtual reality productions

Deluxe Entertainment Services Group is launching a creative services production division dubbed Deluxe VR to create virtual reality experiences. The Los Angeles-based company offers end-to-end production in entertainment, promotional, and enterprise applications, and now it will showcase several VR projects and services from the new VR division at the National Association of Broadcasters show in […]

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Oculus VR donates virtual reality headsets to Major League Hacking group

Oculus VR, the virtual reality division of Facebook, is donating a number of Oculus Rift headsets to tech education group Major League Hacking. The idea is to power the next generation of learning about VR starting at the high school and college levels via hackathons. Major League Hacking runs the official student hackathon league sponsored […]

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VR headsets to generate $895M in revenue in 2016

Market researcher Strategy Analytics said it expects global virtual reality headset revenues will reach $895 million in 2016. About 77 percent of that value will be accounted for by newly launched premium devices from Oculus, HTC and Sony. These three brands however will only account for 13 percent of volumes in 2016 as lower priced smartphone-based […]

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HTC Vive is experiencing shipping problems, and the company is finally talking about it

Virtual reality tech finally works and consumers are buying into it, but the biggest hurdle now is figuring out shipping logistics. The HTC Vive VR headset is the latest device to suffer delays, and the Taiwanese manufacturing company has taken to its blog to answer some questions that its frustrated customers are asking. In the update, […]

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The HTC Vive offers the best consumer VR experience for now — but it needs better games

The HTC Vive begins shipping today to people who preordered the virtual reality headset based on Valve’s Steam VR technology. HTC and Valve hope that it will be the beginning of a VR renaissance that immerses us all with a feeling of “presence,” or the feeling that you are transported to another virtual place. This […]

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Watch us play dozens of HTC Vive games

Let’s play far too many virtual reality video games. HTC and Valve released the Vive VR headset today. The first wave of people should start receiving their preorders this morning. To help you figure out what the hell this is all about, we’re streaming a list of VR games live on YouTube. Click play on the video […]

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Startups on the cusp of success get major push at ECS

SPONSORED: In startup land, financing is getting harder. Valuation inflation is dissipating, and investors are demanding profitability, and fast. The pool of resources required to build a successful tech company is also larger than ever as the technology industry matures and the demand for vertical integration booms.

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The DeanBeat: How long will we have to wait before VR delivers our technology Renaissance?

My former boss, Jerry Ceppos, once said he worried that the San Jose Mercury News was covering the tech industry without enough scope or context, as if we would have covered the Italian Renaissance by measuring how many cans of paint were sold. At the time he said this, Silicon Valley was going through its […]

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Disruptive VR startups take their shot to be the next Oculus

SPONSORED: Next week, eight VR startups are hoping to retrace Oculus’s path. They’ll participate at the company’s 2016 Emerging Companies Summit, in a session called the VR Showcase. Each will have an opportunity to describe their VR-based business in front of a live audience of VCs, technology executives, and press.

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Watch Oculus founder Palmer Luckey deliver the first Rift preorder himself

Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey can now add “courier” to his résumé alongside “virtual reality superstar.” The first wave of Oculus Rift VR headsets are shipping now, but Ross Martin — the first person to preorder the device — didn’t have to wait for FedEx because Luckey dropped it off in person. The VR executive went to […]

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6 Oculus Rift experiences primed to change the way we think about VR

SPONSORED: This sponsored post is produced by Nvidia. March 28 sees the long-anticipated release of the Oculus Rift, the first mass-market VR headset capable of delivering on the true potential of next-gen virtual reality. It’s an incredibly powerful system that, naturally, requires powerful PC hardware to fuel those immersive experiences. If you’re unsure if your PC […]

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Visionary VR raises $6 million to make it easier to create stories in VR

Visionary VR has raised $6 million to make it easier for developers to create accessible stories in virtual reality. VR is expected to be a $30 billion market by 2020, according to tech advisor Digi-Capital. But it’s going to take a lot of effort to make that happen. Los Angeles-based Visionary VR wants to make […]

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VR will make working from home cooler than ever

GUEST: Nascent entrepreneurs and seasoned pajama warriors know that working from home is life-changing … and also kind of sucks. That’s why WeWork’s valuation is $16 billion and why the most popular product in a coffee shop is the power outlet. As VR headsets shrink and pixel densities balloon, working from home will not only suck less, it’ll eclipse all alternatives. Goodbye coffee-crusted keyboards […]

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